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Thread: Jumping back into Rift after a very long absence..

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    Default Jumping back into Rift after a very long absence..

    .. And I am utterly lost. There has been so many changes to this game it feels like I am starting over again. I currently have a 46 rogue that used to be set up as a Saboteur, the burst DPS made up for the stack time and it was really enjoyable to play. Are Sabs viable anymore and if not what ranged soul are?

    Thanks in advance.

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    SL launch reworked pretty much everything for everyone; even the players who had been playing all the way up until launch.

    So you would've have had to re-learn stuff anyhow~

    As far as leveling goes, I would shy away from sab. While it has some good damage potential, they've gutted it of nearly all of its utility and it has zero survivability options native to the soul.

    There are a number of guides and other threads sprinkled around this forum on similar topics, picking at them should get you what you want to know~
    So long, and thanks for all the fish~

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