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Thread: Question about rogue build

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    Default Question about rogue build

    I'm using huntsman as my main soul build, what is another good soul to use for solo questing? (I tried the knight stalker build but it seems a little week) I am a level 24

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    8 points in Riftstalker to pick up Boosted Recovery. Put the rest in Tactician. Alternately, you could try 4Tactician/8Riftstalker and put the rest into Nightblade, if you prefer melee.

    (For future reference, you shouldn't use the prebuilt specs. They're all pretty bad.)
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    The pre-built souls are generally inferior to composing your own builds. However almost anything works at the early levels.

    The conventional wisdom is to create your builds for specific purposes, e.g.,

    a tank build
    a melee dps build (pve)
    a range dps build (pve)
    a support build (pve or pvp)
    a soloing build (pve)
    a pvp build

    In your case you are leveling so the most useful builds would be tank, ranged dps, solo and pvp (if that's your want).

    Just to reinforce my point above, I would dispense with the pre-built builds and create your own.

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