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Thread: Tact/Bard Build Question

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    Default Tact/Bard Build Question

    Hi Guys,

    maybe some of you rogue experts can give me some tips and help. I checked the rogue guides and found a 38/38 Tact/Bard guide. That is a healing guide. There are also some tact/mm dps guides.
    Is it possible to have a 38/38 or 40/36 Tac/Bard spec that also pulls out at least some good dps and healing? Maybe even can take at least one punch and not get keeled over? Or is Tac/bard purely healing and buffs? This is more from a pvp point of view.
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    tac/bard is basically pure healing. You could try digging for some DPS by using Torrents, but it's not going to be "OMGZ DAMAGEEEEEE".

    I generally last decently long in PvP using that build, but it does keep you up basically through healing alone, not through beef. If you want to be beefy as a rogue, got to mix in some RS.
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