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Thread: What would be the best way to level a Hunter?

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    Default What would be the best way to level a Hunter?

    There are just too many options and I am not really sure how i want to play. Right now i am only lvl 6 running Ranger/Marksman/Saboteur. Saboteur feels like it is really strong and once i max out Silent Setup i can really see how putting 5 charges, detonating then trapping and setting up 5 more charges would be deadly.

    How does Saboteur do solo'ing RIFTS? How does Saboteur do in PvP while leveling? Do i need to have Ranger?

    Any and all advice would be great. Also, if I wanted to could i switch up my play style and be more like a classical Rogue (dual daggers and stealthing around)?

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    The best way to level a hunter is to go and play a game where there is a class called Hunter. Besides that, Level 6 is nothing and you should invest some more time to experiment with souls you find interesting. Respeccing costs almost nothing.
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    This is not wow, we dont have hunters and rogues not only rely on daggers. If this is your first experience with Rift, be ready to expand your definition of what a Rogue can do. Rogues here use Flame Throwers, explosives, pets, fire/death magic and even shift through planes to be able to tank. They also use stealth and daggers but thats just a fraction of what they can do.

    If you really want to have fun EXPERIMENT.

    Saboteur is safe for leveling with silent setup.. but becomes a bit boring
    Assassin is fun but only for fights against single mobs
    Ranger Relies on his pet either damage for a faster kill or tank pet to stay away from danger
    Marksman provides the mobility and control to never let the enemies touch you
    Tactician... great for Aoe

    There are many options but the best advise is for you to Discover them.. test them.

    You are level 6... get your feet wet before you ask those questions again because the answers might be confusing right now.

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    Also just to point out, this is the guides forum. Questions like this belong in the discussions forum.

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