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Thread: PvP spec for around level 53

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    Default PvP spec for around level 53

    Looking for a PvP spec for around level 53. I am starting to get into the pvp game and would love for a good pvp spec. I wouldnt mind a melee pvp spec or a ranged pvp spec. Posting both would be help full

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    I ran with the following 4 specs in the 50-54 bracket (currently 59 on my rogue now):

    Battle Bard: http://rift.magelo.com/en/soultree.j...s/vhiAAaa8h0/A
    Survival Bard: http://rift.magelo.com/en/soultree.j...4Aalaa8/th25h0
    Marksman: http://rift.magelo.com/en/soultree.j...xlilkx4/z8L4/B
    Tacman: http://rift.magelo.com/en/soultree.j...kAa98/An8gx2/B

    Battle Bard is my main spec. I get motifs up ASAP, drop curative core (and keep it on CD), then spam Cadence and whatever coda makes the most sense. At 5 stacks of Reverberation I will add in Curative Blast, as needed. This particular build also does a fair bit of damage. Not enough to kill a target that is getting healed, but it can definitely help pressure a target if another DPS is on it.

    Survival Bard is what I switch to when the enemy has figured out I am a threat, and they decide to focus fire me. After the 2nd or 3rd death, if it is obvious I won't last very long in Battle Bard I switch, then basically play as a buff/debuff tank. Not as sturdy as a pure Rifstalker build, but people tend to ignore a pure RS build, whereas they will go after me if I am obviously still playing a bard. Also good for any map where I have to carry a flag.

    Marksman is the build I switch to on most maps if we are having issues killing healers. I basically have three main macros for it: One that focuses on combo point builders, another for finishers, and a third for when I want to spam eradicate. Mostly I just spam eradicate (alternating in combo point builders when eradicate is on CD), watch for cast bars to interrupt, and dump as much damage as I can. It is one of the few specs that can apply sufficient pressure to healers to kill them. When you see sentinels running from you in terror, you are doing your job.

    Tacman I *sometimes* use in Port Scion for assaulting/defending the bridge or in Black Garden to keep people off the fang. However, I tend to find that Battle Bard plays better on these maps as well. I don't really like tac in general. All it takes is one good chloro or bard to negate your damage. You might think you are doing something throwing all those numbers out there, but in general you would be better off pure MM to kill healers if you really want to DPS. Still, there are times when your team will have good heals, good single target, and no AOE. That is when this spec becomes useful.

    Overall I find battle bard or MM to win the most games. There are usually two deficiencies on any given team: Heals and/or damage. Bard is especially useful when the enemy team has an AOE heavy DPS spec that is chewing your team up (cab, tac, etc). Your AOE heals can allow the clerics/chloro to focus on targets that are getting focus fired.

    As for MM, I find more often than not there are no good DPS on my team. They play specs that do great sustained damage, but little to no burst. Great for PVE, but terrible for PVP. In this event I switch to MM to kill/disable healers. Once heals are out of the picture the enemy dies pretty quick.

    In some cases I might change specs 2-3 times during a given WF. Change out to survival bard to run a stone, MM to kill a healer, battle bard to support a larger engagement, etc. Keeps the enemy on their toes.

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