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Thread: Heavy Assassin 51+ levelling spec?

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    Default Heavy Assassin 51+ levelling spec?

    Anyone know of a decent levelling spec focusing heavily on Assassin? I love the sneaky aspect of this soul and the general feel of it b ut im not sure if there's a viable SL levelling spec for heavy assassin?

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    get the bladedancer side filled out first.

    use the buffs leeching poison and enfeebling poison

    maintain meditative trance from BD for healing

    open with jagged strike or paralyzing strike(stun)

    maintain puncture from sin

    maintain impale from sin

    single target spam macro

    #show serpent strike
    cast serpent strike
    cast savage strike
    cast swift shot

    special macro for DPS boost
    #show thread of death
    cast thread of death
    cast jagged strike
    (can add this to the top of previous macro if you want less buttons but I do not recommend)

    finisher is deadly strike from bladedancer(maintains deadly dance buff) (don't forget to maintain meditative trance every 10-12 seconds and impale every 20ish).

    FOR AOE:
    use twin strike as builder from BD and compound attack as finisher.

    useful buttons/cooldowns:
    foul play - stuns for 4 seconds (assassin)
    enduring brew - self heal for a decent chunk of HP (assassin)
    poison gas - confuses enemies nerby until damaged (assassin)
    blade tempo - roughly 30% damage increase (bladedancer)
    poison malice - huge dps increase (assassin)
    slip away - puts you in stealth even while in combat (get away) (assassin)
    flash of steel - leap and root your target (bladedancer)
    side steps - great survivability cooldown (bladedancer)
    on the double - movement speed increase for running out of a bad spot (marksman)
    weapon barrage - interrupt and silence a caster (bladedancer)

    find the ones you like and prioritize them first for whatever you want to use them/not use them as.

    I hope this helps!

    Also feel free to change the spec around as you see fit.
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