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Thread: New Tactician Help

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    Default New Tactician Help

    Hey you all! Had to leave the game shortly after reaching 50 and figured I'd come back and give Tactician a try.

    Thought I would duo level with another Tac buddy I have and do mostly light Instance / AE stuff and PVP through to 60.

    1. Is Tac/Marks still the best AE combo and what would a common rotation be? What would be the best Engines and Cores to use for harder AE stuff while duoing?

    2. Is that a good one-on-one PVP spec and how would the rotation differ for single target? Or is there a better (Tac/?) build for single target PVP? Any preferred cores and engines for PVP?

    Any tips would be great!

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    On a general note, if you plan to do much at 60, the game heavily penalizes you if you don't quest. While leveling you gain thousands of notoriety with Necropolis, Endless City Survivors and Qaijiri.

    The factions offer enchants of 35 dex/18 endurance to Cloak, Belt and Neck. By skipping these quests, you won't be anywhere close to glorified with the factions and if you want to get these important enchants, you'll wind up doing the quests you skipped anyway and/or doing a ton more instant adventures.

    The fastest AE grinding spec is described in detail on my blog: http://www.dunsparrow.com/2012/12/31...shed-nobility/

    Basically you just use Curative Core and alternate glacial/infernal torrents. Gather as many mobs as you can handle. Should be easily 5+.

    Once you're 60, Tact/MM is going to be the best DPS Tact variety, but it really doesn't offer enough survivability while leveling. Stick with the solo Tact build.
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    You can duo most of the quests, it actually makes it faster. Here's the answers to your questions:
    1. Tact-mm is the best tact dps
    2. Tact-mm is a terrible dueling spec. Almost all rogue ranged specs are terrible at duels.

    Here's a guide I wrote for guildies to level their rogues alts up using tact. I think it's up to date, I just copied and pasted it without checking it. This tact build focuses on being easy on energy and ST DPS, it works in pvp too since it's mobile.

    Full DPS Tact:
    Level 50 - http://rift.magelo.com/en/soultree#T8FkyF8kcw/AkxMx2/y
    Level 60 - http://rift.magelo.com/en/soultree.j...w/T8FkBkAalg/y
    Survivability Tact:
    Level 50 - http://rift.magelo.com/en/soultree/b...8/T8FkyF8k/t8g
    Then put 1 point into primer amplification, then work up the MM tree left side. Macros pretty much the same as below but take out beams and always use curative engine.

    Energy Alteration
    Restorative Engine
    Electrified Munitions
    Virulent Poison


    #cast empyrean bolt
    (cast necrotic bolt - optional depending on if you prefer to micromanage it)
    cast empyrean bolt

    #show glacial torrent
    cast battle remote
    cast infernal beam
    cast glacial torrent

    #show necrotic bolt (optional depending on if you like to micromanage it, required if no necrotic bolt in empyrean bolt macro)
    cast battle remote
    cast infernal beam
    cast necrotic bolt

    #show curative core
    cast power core
    cast curative core

    Curative Core (pre-pull)
    Glacial Torrent to x7 stacks - Infernal Torrent - Curative Core macro - Glacial Torrent - Infernal Torrent - empyrean bolt (to 5 combo points, only have to hit once if you don't have necrotic bolt in your empyrean bolt macro)- Torrent Primer
    Glacial Torrent - Infernal Torrent - Glacial Torrent - Infernal Torrent - Emprean bolt - Empyrean Ray/Necrotic Ray

    Hit Curative core macro every time it comes off CD inbetween Infernal and Glacial.

    Here is a video on how to clip torrents for maximum dps. He clips his 4th torrent too early which isn't required. Only clip it after 1 tick like that if you're really low on energy.

    Repeat using rays as finisher until your 30 sec buff from torrent primer is up, then use torrent primer. Maintain curative core and use power core when applicable. It's usually 3 rays per torrent primer, be sure you don't lose your stacks of the infernal dot on infernal torrent.

    Edit - with the tact nerf now you will need to use the healing core on cooldown or you'll energy starve. Take power core out of your macro and use curative core by itself.

    Sub 30%-
    Switch buffs to Necrotic Engine
    Spam necrotic bolt macro. When the primer amplification buff drops hit empyrean bolt x1 - Empyrean Ray/Necrotic Ray and go back to macro spam.
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    I rite a gooded guide for rouges.

    NB-Sin Guide - http://forums.riftgame.com/rift-gene...-sin-spec.html

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    Great info, thanks guys!

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