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Thread: Questions ;D

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    Hi, I just resubbed and registered my free storm legion so I have 120 days sub left so going to try my best to get into this game again and hit level cap, I only had a few level 10s that I didn't remember so I deleted them, now I have no characters. I don't know anything about this game so don't use shortened words for specs please, but I've played a lot of mmo's so I know some things.

    Anyway, I play on Icewatch and I'm not sure if I should go Defiants or Guardians, not really a question for this sub section but I'd rather not clutter everywhere with threads asking questions.

    Now, I want to play a rogue ranged bow class, maybe with a pet if they are needed, I also want to play a rogue tank, preferably one with teleports as I've seen a few of them and they seem fun. Could anyone tell me the best souls to use for a bow / teleport tank class? I will mostly be doing PvE when/if I stick to this game and get to 60, which I hope I do.

    Pretty much just that really, not sure where to look for guides/builds for each class so sorry if its kinda obvious and I missed it. Thanks.

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    For ranged damage with a bow (or gun) you can use marksman, or ranger if you want a pet as well. Both are decent single target damage but not great for multiple targets. For tanking, there is only one choice, Riftstalker, which is the soul with teleporting abilities. All three of these have guides up in the rogue guides forum (see the second sticky thread on this forum for a link).
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