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Thread: What rogue spec deals the most magic damage?

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    Default What rogue spec deals the most magic damage?

    im talking about with poisons and stuff

    I really liked the playstyle of the assassin rogue on WoW (a large part of its dmg was from poisons/magic dmg) anything similar in rift?

    edit: Don't include bard/tactician, I want something that feels somewhat like a rogue >.>
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    Sin is more physical damage with poison weapon enchantments. the most magic damage would probably be nightblade?

    nb/sin might be the spec for you.
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    well, assassin has poisons which are counted as water damage

    most everything from nightblade is fire/death damage

    both of them play as a "traditional" melee style rogue, except that nightblade is more forgiving with disconnects as it has some limited ranged capability as well as giving you superior aoe capability to assassin

    play them both and see which you like better?
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