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Thread: Leveling Spec - IA/Warfront

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    Default Leveling Spec - IA/Warfront

    So I recently have returned to Rift since Month 1 and I have decided to roll a new class (rogue) with a friend (warrior). We have decided that we are not going to quest much if it all and are mainly going to level through IA's, Warfront's, and Dungeon runs.

    For dungeons I will be tanking and have a decent RS spec that I am comfortable with - my question is about my second spec.

    I am looking for a leveling spec (1-50) that will do well in IA's and Warfront's - I do not really want to melee as when I am melee spec I end up just standing around in IA's as the range people just melt stuff and in Warfront's I prefer to sit back and shoot people from a distance.

    The problem is I have tried the MM spec which I figured would be my best bet and frankly, I am not a fan. For leveling the cast times and low dmg hits really don't bring much to IA's and even less to warfront's.

    So I am thinking that perhaps the Tactician would be a better fit but seeing as its being nerfed soon I don't know how viable it will be in warfront's.

    So what do yall think is a viable pvp/IA build that is more fast paced than straight MM (I assume Tact/MM but I would like to hear some input).
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    There's not much that will do well in both IAs and warfronts. I strong recommend using different specs for both.

    You're correct that Marksman doesn't pick up until higher levels. It's heavily reliant on Lock N Load, Shoot to Kill, and Eradicate. Nightblade, Assassin, and Ranger are probably your best bet for low-level PvP.

    Tactician's damage is awful in PvP. It can output some decent healing at low levels (although that'll taper off heavily at 60), but you won't be killing anyone. It's not a bad IA spec, although the melee builds will outperform it.

    As a side note... if you're fighting stuff in a group in IAs, then you're not playing efficiently. The group should split up. There's no reason to have more than one person in the same place unless you're fighting a boss. If you spread out, you'll find that melee builds become extremely effective.
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    I started playing rogue not long ago and have been doing just fine with MM in low lvl WF's. From my experience it's a playstyle thing, you have to learn to pick your spots and not get sucked into the middle of things since there seem to be very few low lvl healers. Just like everything else, teamwork is more important than people realize. If you can bounce around on the outside of the big fights and keep your distance, you can do real well.

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