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Thread: Need some advice for my rogue!

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    Default Need some advice for my rogue!

    So I've recently come back to Rift and decided it was time to brush the dust off my old level 50 rogue. I wanted to try a different spec so I choose to try the Flame Trooper pre-made talents. I'm level 55 and have 31 points in tactician and 40 in nightblade. My gear is a mix of greens and blues that I got from questing.

    Now my problem is when I look at other rogues my level. They all have way more Hp's than me and are able to easily out damage me. I'm sure I must be doing something wrong but I'm not sure what. Most rogues around my level seem to have around 12 k hp's. I only have 8600. Its really frustrating to look at level 51-52 rogues and realize they have the same amount of hp's as my 55. I see lower level rogues out damaging me all the time. I can't even go into a warfront without getting killed in two hits. I've seen other flame troopers out there take 4-6 mobs at a time during a rift and be fine but when I try it I end up only killing one before I'm dead. And yes I do use the primary moves the pre-made talents recommend. I've googled different rotations and gear but nothing has worked.

    So my question is what am I doing wrong? Is it cause I'm following the pre-made talents? Is it cause I decided to slowly grind my way to 60 questing and the gear from that is so crappy its bringing my character down? Do I just need to suck it up and hope things will be better at 60?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rayla View Post
    Is it cause I'm following the pre-made talents?
    Yes. The premade builds are terrible. Don't use them, ever.

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    I agree that the pre-made builds are fairly worthless. Check the rogue guides section for some better ones and how to play them.

    If your gear is about as good as it can get, the difference you are seeing in HP might just be that the people you are in a dungeon with are level 60s who have scaled down to burn through some of the dungeon queue bonuses.
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    as they said.. scour the guide sections for builds you may enjoy, like the various types of tactician. Since you are still leveling I would say drop some points into rs for self healing+mitigation, and + to hp pool, then the rest in tact and mm. at base run some rs/tact until you are 60, then you can probably dump the self help talents and re-tool it for raids and such.

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