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Thread: Her is what I hope to see in Rogue Guide Section

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    Default Her is what I hope to see in Rogue Guide Section

    Ok I have been here for a long time and would love to see some sort of Guidlines in the Guid section of the Forums.

    I love the fact that we have alot of people that like to put in there 2 cents and it is what makes are guides get better. That being said there needs to be some sort of guid for making a guide and they also need to let people edit there guide for a longer time.

    I would love more input on this. but somthing like this would be what I have in mind.

    Title of the Post

    Link to the build ( not pic's because let just say they suck ) you can make them @

    Buffs used from the build

    macros (if any)

    Priority cast


    Skills to keep on your hot bar and why

    Links to combat logs ( that are over 3 min) you can use ACT or Hypatia I use Hypatia http://www.hypatialogviewer.com/report_list.php?g=140
    you will need to use Chrome or Firefox to use Hypatia

    helpful hints on how to play the role

    If you have a way to make a Video using the build then that would be a nice add aswell

    Thanks Exo
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    Also builds people have actually tested and found a use for.
    Not things like: 'My random made-up build that does 60% of a proper build and sometimes allows me to solo non-elites that I've not optimised or ever actually tested'

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    Bump for this. With all of the community input, variety and uniqueness with our builds it would be very widely used. If we were able to utilize drop down menus that make the overall process of making a guide easy (a template of sorts like mentioned by the OP).

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    IN THE WORKS (Spoiler)

    Compiled list and detailed explainations with videos of every raid spec useful for rogue dps/support with videos that explain them with raid videos at the end of each showing real world use where applicable.

    The sin guide was to test the waters and get feedback on what to improve/make better


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