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Thread: Need Help On Build.

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    Default Need Help On Build.

    So i recently came back to the game after a long time gone due to military and school.
    Im wanting to level my rogue but i don't know where to head too, im looking for range . looking for some ranger/mm builds . i use to have a guide that was step by step with macros and all but i don't find it anymore in my favorites i guess since it has been so long. Anyways any help will be greatly appreciated. Im lvl 41 btw. Thanks.

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    The current "best" Ranger/MM build can be found in this thread.

    I've been leveling with it from the low 50's on occasion and it works quite well, though I find that overall for my leveling I'm preferring the "Granpa's" melee build. The problem for you here is that for this build to really be effective you need the 36 in Ranger and at least 31 in Marksman, which requires you to be level 51, so you're about 10 levels too low for this build as of yet.

    Even so, using a "lower down" version of that build could work. Something like this, perhaps, and add points to marksman as you level up.

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