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Thread: The Ascended Chronicle: My Dream Patch Notes

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    Default The Ascended Chronicle: My Dream Patch Notes

    With this installment to the Ascended Chronicle, I lay out my ideal patch notes for a future 2.x patch. I will be posting this in a few different areas as it pertains to each of them but if the mods deem it spam, please feel free to delete all but the one in the General forum. Thanks!

    Moved on from Rift due to: Rift's PvP being a mindless, skilless zerg that has been and will continue to be perpetuated and reinforced :: A horribly optimized engine :: My personal distaste for F2P (already heading down the P2W path) after giving it a fair shake. Rift is an exceptional MMO by an overachieving development team that unfortunately is ruined by a few personally show-stopping issues.

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    100% for these changes. Well put together and centralized. I didn't even know half of them existed. Thanks for bringing them up.

    Keep up the good work.

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