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Thread: Coming back from a long absence.

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    Default Coming back from a long absence.

    Hello Everybody;

    I've been out of action of this game since after the 6 months release of this game, of course i notice alot has changed, i got a level 50 mage arleady, but i want to dust off my Rogue, that is at this time a level 13 rogue.

    I would like to know what build would be great to level with, and if possible some macros to help me, since i've been looking everywhere and everything is post 50...and i understand that aswell.

    Thank you really much.

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    Level your Mage lol.
    Quote Originally Posted by Muspel View Post
    I believe Assassin DoTs are uncleansable.

    It's still a terrible PvP spec compared to Marksman, though.

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    There are several good guides in the Rogue Guide section that you can use.

    whatever you choose, I would recommend boosted recovery in Riftstalker tree and/or curative engine in Tactican tree. Lots of healing love there to help your leveling needs.
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    This is great but I really wouldn't know what you'd select early on. Play with it. http://forums.riftgame.com/rift-gene...ling-spec.html

    For ranged combat, an early level variation of this using the Razorback to tank would be very good to and when you end up high level it's a great spec. http://forums.riftgame.com/rift-gene...s-spec-sl.html

    Level in Warfronts and it's go pretty quick

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