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Thread: Couple of Rogue calling questions

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    Default Couple of Rogue calling questions

    I normally play a Warrior and I'm thinking of trying a Rogue as a new alt for something different. Also, the Tactician soul looks really awesome (reminds me of Boba Fett with all the gadgets and gizmos). I've never played a rogue before in any genre of game, so I have a couple of questions. I am also concurrently looking at some of the Rogue guides that might also have answers to these questions, but they are a bit advanced at the moment knowing pretty much nothing about how the Rogue plays:

    1) I don't like pet management; is there a competitive ranged DPS build that doesn't rely on a pet? Just from a glance or two on the forums, 61 MM seems to be great RDPS without a pet? Obviously I'll investigate this more when the time comes, just want to make sure that I would enjoy the class before I try to level one.

    2) I love the Rift macro system and try to macro things wherever possible for ease of use; are the most commonly used specs macro friendly (or at the least not "playing the piano" with dozens of keybinds required)? I'm not necessarily looking to see if there's a "two button spam" FotM spec, but I also don't want to feel like I'm typing during combat just to be decent.

    3) As I said above part of the reason for looking at a Rogue in the first place is the Tactician. I know that it's a support spec, and naturally I plan to have several specs, but how does Tactician fare in general use for solo content, 5-mans and raids? How about leveling? PVP? I ask this because I see a few Tactician hybrid builds in the guides that indicate it also has use for DPSing and soloing/dailies/grinding.

    4) Related to #3 above, I don't suppose that Rogues have a true hybrid Support, do they? What I mean by that is a Support role that can put out enough DPS to be viable in group content (not raids) or provide okay group healing with the same build (as opposed to the "just go DPS" type of situation).

    5) What would be a good leveling build to use out of the gate from level 1? Most of the guides that aren't for level 60 all start at level 50 for SL content, and I can certainly use these when I'm at that point, but for initial leveling in pre-SL what would work best? I haven't found any guides that are still relevant.

    Thanks, Rogues

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    1. As it stand right now all the viable ranged DPS raid specs (with the exception of tactman for aoe fights) will all utilize the ranger pet, 61MM is pretty far behind, but all this could easy change with the introduction of 2.2 in the near future.
    2. almost all our builds that i can think of anyway are pretty macro friendly. haha I'm almost ashamed to admit it but i have a habbit of doing my best to combine any spec i use into 4 buttons or less (not counting CD's or utilities)
    3/4. Tact is a great soul, if your looking for a dps oriented tact, look into the tactman guide or a more support oriented tact build look for stratobard.
    5. Personally i would recommend ranger for the tank pet for under level 20. basically you can make about anything work though, put 4 points into tact or 8 into riftstalker for some self healing if you don't want to use ranger for a tank pet. I know nightblade and my personal favorite the BD/RS hybrids are perfectly viable but generally need to be a little higher level
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    Tact variants do fine in the roles you mentioned and the level 4 tact heal is a great base for any leveling build. The thing to remember at low levels is % damage is hugely better than % ap and weapon damage for your dps.

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