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Thread: Returning RS Tank Questions - LEveling SL Gearing

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    Default Returning RS Tank Questions - LEveling SL Gearing

    Returning Rift player after a good bit of time, haven't played since ROS and GSB were the "thing". So far really pleased with the changes, especially to the Riftstalker tanking, never made it past T2 experts tanking, for me the class had way too much wind up time and was a hassle to use with all the buffs and debuffs floating about and no way to track it easily.

    With all that changed (mostly) I am trying to get back into the tanking game. I have read the guides and familiarized myself with the new abilities and their synergy but I still have a few gearing questions.

    Toughness- should I care anything about it while doing the normal SL dungeons, I know its use in experts in raids but does anyone care about it outside of that?

    Tank gear in general- I have been focusing on High END and ARMOR pieces, for me sometimes those are my DPS gear. Of course I am neglecting the tank specific stats but my understanding that was ok, for normal dungeons while leveling. I have bought some really solid upgrades for tank gear from the IA dealer and there are a few more tiny upgrades, some even side grades. They provide maybe 10 more END than what I have but usually some tank specific stats I didn't have on the DPS gear I have in the slot. Should I be out farming Emp whatever stones to get that IA gear that is a marginal upgrade?

    I did a instance or few at 51, it didn't go well so at 56 I went back to the drawing board and replaced my level 50 gear with the higher quality stuff from SL and feel I am in a much better place, just wanted to check those last few details before I haunt the LFG again.

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    You don't need any toughness for normals. Mobs in there don't have inflated crit multipliers like the enemies you'll find in experts and raids. I think that they still have the default 50% bonus, so 25 toughness can help, but it's not particularly vital.

    Endurance, resist and armor are by far your best stats, so focus on those even at the expense of dodge, parry, and deflect. If you have Empyrean Sourcestones, buy some tank gear with them (the stones are useless at level 60, and you'll get plenty of DPS gear from quest rewards), but again, it's not necessary.

    The low level dungeons are rough to tank in general. If you're queueing for them as soon as it lets you (for instance, Golem Foundry at level 56), then you're going to have a bad time. Wait until you're a level or two higher, and you'll have a much smoother run, because mobs do more damage when they're higher level than you.
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