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Thread: can Tacticians be full-time healers in raids?

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    Default can Tacticians be full-time healers in raids?

    * Can Tacticians be full-time healers in raids?

    * Any of you actually raiding with your guilds as a healer?

    Thank you.

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    Yes, on 2nd boss in FT our rogue healer is pulling 9.5k hps

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    it could, running 58 tact and the rest in bard... BUT.. it won't happen. much of tacticians most powerful healing abilities requires the raid to be stacked... getting 19 other people to line up perfectly and not much much wont happen in SL raids atm, which is why a 58 tact, though specced out for raid healing, will have bad results, because it will be forced to do the exact same rotations as the Bard spec 40/36.

    If the raid lined up, and stood relatively still not leaving a 4m wide beam no further than 30m, then you could not only have :
    Curative remote
    curative core
    curative bolt
    restorative engine

    but also curative torrent and curative beam all going, which in themselves heal for great amounts.

    it's pssible, but what makes it bad is simply the heavy positional mechanic requirements.

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    Sure it could, least on most fights. For progression I was tact healing (my 58tact build) on 3/4 bosses in FT, twins being the one it wasn't possible on. Upside to doing this is tact is very strong at burst healing, possibly the best in the game, and can handle AE dps as well, which works great on the 1st boss in FT. Typical pulls I can be in the top 2 for dps due to my ae on the adds as well as have 3k+ heals, could push more heals if needed but most of the time I can focus on dps. 2nd boss in FT tact healing is 2nd only to buggy chloro heals right now and if you raid stacks like they should and moves together 10k heals (pulled as high as 16k in P1 that i noticed) is a walk in the park. Crucia has the raid stacked for a decent amount of the fight so for sure can get some nice heals in on her. Same with the 1st 2 bosses of EE. Now this doesn't mean it is the best idea but if your lite on clerics or mages most raid fights a tact could step in to carry a lot of that load. Don't expect to be a rogue healer but if you know the fights you will be a valued support healer that can handle fights that need AE dps and BIG burst raid heals.

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