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Thread: Rogue Leveling

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    Default Rogue Leveling

    I'm level 46 right now, and nothing I'm trying seems to be working for me. I was just wondering what the best leveling build is. I've found some for 50+ but I'm not quite there yet.

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    Basically to answer your question, put 4 point into tact (for curative engine) and 8 point into RS (for boosted recovery) and the rest is up to you and your play style. Personally, I always used BD/RS hybrids for leveling but i know alot has changed and not sure if they still work like they used to. I do know NB works very well and so does ranger but you're better off only pulling 1 mob at a time with ranger (which i never liked lol).
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    Anything will almost work.

    I just used to common full spec MM and Assassin most of the time. MM when stuff wasn't too brutal. Assassin when mobs were a little rougher or I wanted to dodge lots of aggro.

    It would have probably served be well to use the above mentioned talents from secondary souls, but I left them full DPS spec'd and it worked fine. Had a few hairy moments, most deaths were because of falling damage on the path to 60.

    Whatever you are fluid and comfortable playing, will probably be the fastest/most efficient feeling spec.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Doomcaller View Post
    I'm level 46 right now, and nothing I'm trying seems to be working for me. I was just wondering what the best leveling build is. I've found some for 50+ but I'm not quite there yet.
    My rogue is in the 40s right now, and for whatever reason, not sure if it's gear or this is simply the sweet spot for it, but bard seems to be doing really well. And once I get all 5 stacks of harmonic distortion up, it does almost as much DPS as my BD/RS hybrid, at least on single mobs, using much fewer buttons, and with much greater healing capacity. Elites don't even really dent me, unless I try to go full dps and burn them down asap. With the added benefit of being support in 5 mans. Put 4 into tact for curative engine and go to town. The only downside is there is pretty much zero AE dps. Though you could probably hybrid with tact and use the torrents for that. This is probably what I will do later.

    Alternatively, you could use BD/RS 4 tact. More button pressing, but blinking around everywhere is nice and fun. NB/RS has much lower AE capacity if you want to survive as well as BD/RS at this level, but if you put the points into it, stuff melts like butter. I'm just the sort that would rather wait out the mobs than burn through them. Slow and steady wins the race and all.

    Ranger works rather well too, and doubles as a dps spec for 5 mans.

    My bard spec so far: http://rift.magelo.com/en/soultree#Tf/vhkAAlNiBqg/wg

    EDIT: I've thought of possibly mixing tact and ranger too. As a sort of modern version of the older ranger/nard, wherien the pig tanks and you heal like a madman, but haven't attempted it yet. You could try that too. As you can see, pretty much anything works with rogues. We and clerics are the only callings that really have that luxury.
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