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Thread: What is the gear path for a tank from 50 to 60?

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    Default What is the gear path for a tank from 50 to 60?

    What is the gear path for a tank from 50 to 60? So far while leveling I have seen no tank gear what so ever while leveling other than the Planar pieces which have plenty of deflect but no toughness. Will I be able to tank the 5 new mans from 50 to 60 with my tank set I cobbled together to tank experts during lvl 50 content? I noticed going through Rift Zam that there are lesser essences that I can equip for Toughness from previous content; can I down grade the Empereal Stones for the Epic Level 50 Enscribed to get these essences? If I have to wait until lvl 60 to start tanking will there be a starter set I can grab with the toughness required for entry level like we had with the rewards from Chalmers, and Iron Peak? I can't find a gearing guide any where; I do have a tank guide though (which contains only vague info regarding gearing),

    Preferably I want to be able to tank from 50 to 60 and be able to collect a functional tank set for experts along the way through loot drops like most gear treadmills work. My current tank set was good enough to start the 2nd tier of lvl 50 experts.

    This is the Tank Guide that I am using atm

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    What I personally did was ignore dungeons/tanking completely until I hit 60. Then I did dps and support in experts and purchased tank pieces from infinity stones and dungeon tokens, filling in! the rest with crafted and boss drops.
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    Basically, you don't need toughness to complete any normals. Use your dps items to tank, until you get your tank items in those dungeons.
    It's much more important to get your armor up, as, say, compared to your ID relic tank pieces, which do have toughness, but lose out considerably on armor.

    Also, your dps pieces will have enough dex for a good deflect rating. The only thing that you're lacking is HP, and as such, you need a good healer who is on the edge and not sleeping.

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    Focus on armor and endurance. If an item has more armor, it's almost definitely an upgrade for tanking.

    I only had a couple pieces of tank gear that I got from the stones currency and it's fine. You derive tank stuff like dodge from your primary stats.

    Then at 59-60, you can run normals until you have enough toughness for experts.

    Just a small warning, every tank is squishy in the mid-50s, so much more than any other time, don't get discouraged.

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    Pretty much what these guys said.
    Level 50 - 58: You'll pretty much only get DPS gear. To tank SL normals, you don't need any toughness, so use whatever gives you the most armor & HP. As well, you can purchase Endurance based essences from the Lycini and Torvan vendors for Empyrean stones, so get those.
    The drops you get in the normal dungeons at these levels are all still DPS focused, so as a tank, you're screwed :P
    Level 59-60: Start queuing up for normal empyrean core and tower of the shattered. You'll finally start getting some tank drops from these dungeons. They all require level 60, so if you're 59, just hold onto what you get until you can use.
    The gear from these dungeons will finally start having toughness (+75) on it, and +40 hit. Need these to get the start to run as a tank for experts. Start doing as many zone events that you can in Ashora & Steppes, as this is the best way to accumulate Infinity Stones which you can use to supplement your gear.
    Level 60: You should immediately look to get the following crafted items:
    - 2xFortified Chysoprase Eye
    - Fortified Truehide Belt
    - Fortified Truehide Helm

    The two rings and the helm each have +53 hit, which should get half of what you need for experts alone. You'll probably need one more +40 hit drop from a normal EC or TotS to get the hit you need. Honestly, I wouldn't worry about getting BiS augments on them right away. They are cheap enough to make that it would be worth it just to get them with what you can to start, and then get them remade with the stellar augments at a later time before you start raiding.
    Depending on what other gear you've gotten from normals you've run, go to the world-gear vendor, and buy whatever toughness gear you're now missing so that you have the 4x75 toughness pieces. You can also look on the AH for a few other pieces of gear to top off your hit if needed (300 hit, 300 toughness req for experts). Between these all these options, it shouldn't take too much effort to get the gear required.

    Level 60 grind: Now all that is left is for you to grind. Queue up and run all the experts that you can, building up your gear set as much as you can. Participate in zone events as much as you can to get IS. You can also do the daily quests in Ashora and Steppes for more IS and rep, and do the carnage quests in those areas as well.
    At this point, I would NOT use your IS to buy any more armor pieces from the world event vendor. IS has far better uses, and you can get near equivalent gear using your expert marks. Things you should use your IS for: Synergy crystals, Planar essences, DRR lures, GHunt rift Lures, & World Event Weapons.

    This the the part I'm at now, and honestly, it's the longest. You do a lot of the same thing, over and over again, with very little progress being made. A lot of it will depend on your luck for drops.
    For a tank, there are no meaningful runes to get the toughness that you'll need to be raid ready. That means you need all 4 pieces (Chest, shoulders, pants, boots) be Expert tier gear (either drops or mark bought, with 100 toughness) to have the toughness requirement. For hit, without runes, you need 7/8 hit items to be +53, and the last to be 40 to get the hit req. However, the runes still exist that you can you to bypass that a little bit.

    Good luck to you sir.

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    I used my empryeal stones to purchase tank gear while leveling.
    Even free cost too much now

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    Adventure gear dealer is the only real way to get actual tank gear. using the upgrades on them it should get you from 54 - 59 it is not like you wont have enough ESS to buy all the gear if you are questing and doing zone events.

    When you hit level 56 buy a full core worth of essences from the torvan / Lycini vendor. these will last you through till you are getting ready to start raiding.

    at level 59 running Empyreon Core and Tower of the shattered will get you 4 pieces of tanking gear eventually i had terrible RNG trying to get tanking gear ended up giving up and buying the IS gear after about 40 runs through the normals.

    If you have other tanks in your guild get them to run you through Tower of the Shattered in expert as soon as you hit level 60 at least 2 +100 toughness items drop from here.

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