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Thread: My unorthodox build that has done quite while for me in pve and pvp

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    Default My unorthodox build that has done quite while for me in pve and pvp


    Tact-RS Build

    Ok I just been back the last couple weeks I have hit level 54 this week and have went through various solo grinding builds and I settled on an unorthodox build. I started using it in PVPfor the heck of it and wow it was way more effective than I ever imagined. It puts a ton of pressure st or aoe it the same either way. I went from just helping in pvp warfronts to racking up juggernauts (lets clarify I am a very mediocre pvp player).

    Like I said I have quite few points in survivability do to me making this build to solo. I tried it out for the heck of it in PVP. and it turned out great as soon as they hit below 30% you unleash necrotic bolt I wiped out people in one to two shots under 30%.

    Ok I have 6 more levels to go and 6 points left as well to go on the build tell me what you think

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    Tact/RS isn't something that I've tried extensively, I tend to prefer Tact/MM (AoE) or Tact/NB (ST) but it'd be interesting to say the least.

    The only thing that I'd object to is your point layout. The four points in metal plating seem rather.. Wasted. One point in Metal Plating gives you a 2% increase in resists and armor, whereas a point in Primer Amplification nets you a 10% damage and healing increase. IMO it'd be best to drop all the points in metal plating and Boosted Defenses, and use them to fill up Empyrean Boost, Primer Amplification, and Restorative Engine. If there's any leftover points you could put them in a subsoul for more amplifiers or fill up Enhanced Necrotic Torrent and/or Enhanced core.

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