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Thread: Riftstalker - How much Hit?

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    Default Riftstalker - How much Hit?

    Just started Rift and made a Riftstalker. I'm only level 22 so I know hit isn't a big deal yet or for some time. Still...I'd like to know what I'm shooting for. I've looked around a bit and while reaching hit cap is a biggie, I can't seem to find the value. Can someone tell me, please? Thanks.

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    You do not need any hit until you reach level 60 (or if you're trying to do level 50 raids and expert dungeons for some odd reason, but you should be skipping over those). To see the required hit levels for level 60 content, mouse over the hit stat on your character sheet, and it'll tell you exactly how much you need.

    As a side note, you may want to look at the rogue tanking guide in my signature. It's more heavily focused on level 60 endgame content, but there's still some low level tips that may be helpful to you.
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    Hit rating wont come into play until around level 44+ ish

    Not sure if it shows up at the lower levels but when you open your character tab > stats, hover over hit, it should give you a breakdown of when and how much hit is required.

    Also I think if you hover over the little lock icon in the bottom right of the random queue page it will give you a list of the stats necessary to unlock.

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