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Thread: looking for a bit of information

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    Default looking for a bit of information

    Im looking for a good solo build with healing. Back when i last played i used a dunsparow build with tons of healing. Ive been out of game for about 6 or so months and it seems everythingi remember has changed.

    Started over with a new rogue to get the feel for it again. Using a deep ranger build at lvl33 but i find my boar dies too quick when i get adds. The guides ive found so far are lvl50 plus and not much help to me now.

    Any ideas or links to info that can help me out?

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    Pretty much anything with curative remote (4 in tactician) and boosted recovery (8 in riftstalker). I use the pvp nightblade face roll build in the guides section for PvE soloing.

    Otherwise I use 42 in tactician, 8 in riftstalker and the rest in marksman. My variant of the Martian build. You can find the Martian in I think Lyx's thread in the guide section.

    Good luck!
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    To add to that, using the Vampiric weapon enchant from PAs I've noticed a big difference, even with Boosted Recovery and Curative Engine. Add those 3 together for grinding/leveling and you can pretty much do whatever you want with the rest of your points. Within reason, of course.

    I prefer my 36 RS/8 Tac/32 BD build for now. Solid single target and great AoE, also allows for swapping to guardian phase with vortex if an actual tank is needed for invasions and whatnot.
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    Thanks a lot, Daglar.

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