Okay now please note first this is just an in house comparison. I am not looking at this in terms of Rogue melee in the context of the larger game.

That out of the way...with the recent changes, maybe I am off, or my gear makes a difference...who knows.. but I am finding ST that Bladedancer is doing too much dps next to Sin. These are opnly dummy parses so I expected there to be a wierd effect since sin is effected by energ issues but I am seeing like 300 dps more from 61 BD than I am from 61 Sin on the dummy (multiple 5 minute parses). This seems a little extreme.

If the numbers are indeed correct then is this not an issue? All Sin has is ST so it should at least match BD in terms of ST damage. Of course in a perfect world Sin should beat Bladedancer due to the lack of AE in the soul.

ATM on my rogue I am only expert dungeon geared no 4 piece bonuses, just for point of reference.