This is not a troll but rather a genuine thank you for the recent hotfix. You addressed a number of concerns in that hotfix including the ridiculous strength of NB/RS as well as toning MM down slightly. Even as a Rogue who played NB/RS, I could see how overpowered the spec was. Both nerfs were done with a "scalpel" instead of a "sledge hammer" so that was very much appreciated.

Further, I can't thank you enough for falling damage being removed in Conquest. That makes Conquest quite a bit more fun for me and I suspect others as well. There's something fun about jumping from high heights without the threat of death. Further, it increases the pace of Conquest a bit as raids can simply leap down the sides of cliffs to defend an extractor or take out a new one instead of either gingerly slide down or taking the long route a mile north and a mile back.

Lastly, and most importantly, I REALLY thank you for being perfectly willing to separate PvE and PvP in terms of balance. Blizzard's outright refusal to do this in WoW was the reason balancing was a never-ending roller coast patch to patch and why so many look at the Arena system in WoW with disdain. Arena can work very well in Rift simply because you are willing to balance PvE and PvP separately.