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Thread: Simplified Tooltips... HE and you (or just me)

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    Default Simplified Tooltips... HE and you (or just me)

    I want to mess around with sab subsould but it is hard to see what will be the most beneficial with skill descriptions as informative as "Your targeted direct damage bombs and Detonate causes enemies to bleed over 10s. Stacks up to 3 times." (High Explosives)..... No mention on to how much damage, if it scales with AP or wep damage or if it is a flat value based on the level of the skill. I understand you want abilities to be easily understood for the casual player but this is just silly.

    I guess on this post the thing i really want answered is, how does HE base its damage. But if this starts a trend of more informative tooltips I will be happy about that.
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    Pretty much everything scales with both AP and weapon damage these days.

    In fact, based on the math I did back before I gave up on the Bladedancer spreadsheet, the two are actually considered the same thing as far as damage calculations go. For instance, Keen Strike in Bladedancer scales with 85% of weapon damage and 85% of attack power's WD contribution (which is 20% of your AP).

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