So looking through the synergy crystals I am pretty excited. At least for some of them. Exception: Ranger and especially Tactician. The ranger one for the fact that it adds AP to the Pet (which should no longer scale according to some patch??? well even if it did the pet is not really dealing dps =( ).
And then there is the Tactician crystal. The 2 piece bonus is pretty awesome, but when you finally get your 4 pieces together, you get a whopping 150 healing bonus on your healing torrent. That thing is so situational useful that the last time I used it in raids was on our Gelidra first kill because we didn't know the puri thing.

Is there a chance to get something like "adds xxx amount to AP for xx seconds when a tactician finisher is used"? Even bolt damage would be better than a little more healing on that torrent.

I admit, I'd really love to use it. But the raid bosses in FT and EE don't seem to swing that way (except for Kain but even there spamming bolts is probably better...).