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Thread: Underwhelmed with Desolate t1 raid gear in SL.

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    Default Underwhelmed with Desolate t1 raid gear in SL.

    Crafted helm and belt are >>> T1 raid mark gear, if you used the right augs.

    T1 Pants, belt, and hands are physical crit. Eww. Really? Trion has not yet figured out they arent putting physical crit in enough quantity to be worth what you would lose from an AP or crit power counterpart. Most rogue specs scale off AP..

    There are only 3 solid stat upgrades in t1 raid gear to my dungeon gear; feet, belt, shoulders.

    ....Aaaaand every one of them will cause me to lose my 4pc dungeon gear bonus.. which give me ~100 base dps, that scales up to 250ish dps in raid...

    I basically have to sit on frozen marks until I can buy 2 or 3pc all at once for it to even be a dps gain. Can't just happily purchase 1 item after these weeks of 10 and 20 man.

    Call me crazy, I'm just underwhelmed with the t1 raid gear choices.

    Yes it's always been about figuring out what's best, I'm just severely disappointed that after getting enough marks to buy something, I have to sit on those marks until I can buy 2-3 pieces all at the same time.

    Hoping I'd get enough stats off the 2pc tier 1 to be worth the 60 ap loss of the 4pc dungeon set.. otherwise it could be a very long time before I ditch dungeon gear o.O

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    This has always been the case though.

    The gap between tiers has always been small, the core reason to upgrade any given piece is toughness/hit/focus.

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    I agree with you OP, but you have which slots are poor wrong. The only slots worth getting for raid gear is helm, shoulders, chest and boots. The raid belt is crit instead of ap.

    I upgraded to purple dungeon gear for boots and shoulders, so my planned progression path is:

    4 piece dungeon: helm, shoulders (purple), chest and boots (purple)
    2 piece dungeon: helm (crafted), dungeon shoulders (purple), raid chest, dungeon boots (purple)
    2 piece raid: raid helm, dungeon shoulders, raid chest, dungeon boots
    and then replace dungeon pieces with raid pieces

    Sure it's not ideal, but it's a short-term problem.
    I rite a gooded guide for rouges.

    NB-Sin Guide - http://forums.riftgame.com/rift-gene...-sin-spec.html

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    Even if I don't like it I can understand why three of the pieces of gear are crit not AP. Maybe they didn't want every slot of BIS to be the mark gear this time. Although from some of the gear i've seen drop in raids i'm not sure this is the case. We had mage boots drop off the 1st boss in EE last night that were exactly +1 int better then the epic boots from an expert.

    The itimization on the tier helm is so so bad. Even the relic helm has less AP and dex than the crafted helm I had the first day I hit level 60.

    Also if you are going to stick with crit on some of the gear, put like 80 or 90 crit insted of 40, then it might almost be worth it.

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    I agree too, they really need to do something about this... For such high currency reqs, specially for guilds that are only able to do the 10man currently the gear should be a significant upgrade and at the very least a set that would be worth wearing.... What ever happened to the whole items are now upgradable so you can choose how you want your gear to end up? Lets see here iive used like 10 upgradeable items since level 50.... And only 1 had an upgrade choice and not some stupid 1 click item upgrade linear path crap(chest piece that upgraded to 57)... I mainly came back to the game because of the whole upgrade idea instead of simply get dungeon gear and then trade it in for the next tier like they did with old experts but its worse.. There arent upgrade paths its simply upgrade to what they want u to have.

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