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Thread: Cleanse soul, does it do anything?

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    Default Cleanse soul, does it do anything?

    I keep using cleanse soul in pvp, but it doesnt feel like it does anything. Its supposed to last for a second right? But does it really last that long? From what I see in pvp, I pop it when something is casted at me, but then it hits me anyway, is this because of server lag perhaps?

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    Ah, I remember using Cleanse Soul to DPS through Runic Vengeance and pad my numbers. Tell no one.

    Anyways, instead of trying to time the immunity, instead try using it when you have negative effects on you and watch your debuff bar clear right up. Learn the icons for Storm Shackle, Countdown, the sound of Sab charges (if anyone still uses that soul nowadays) and you'll find good opportunities to use it.

    Seriously though, if you ever are in a PUG expert, having it for effects like the Incendiary Shot on Manslaughter can be a literal lifesaver. Side Note: PUG healer, Y U NO CLEANSE ME?
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    Fun fact: Cleanse Soul removes the DoT on the last boss of RotP. Of course, this occasionally results in you reaching 6 stacks while LoSing the firestorm and killing everyone.

    Good times.

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