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Thread: The new Defensive Pose

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    Default The new Defensive Pose

    I solo as BD and this ability is kinda nice in it's current form. The energy loss isn't enough to slow yoiu down for one kill (or one AOE kill), and you get it all back running to the next kill. Also if you activate it before one of your AOE channels, you get all the energy back anyway, but I just have it on all the time. Rarely do I hit 0 energy.

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    It's pretty good for soloing and combines nicely with self healing from other souls. Amusingly, being % based it also scales up with your health for vehicle sections like the last stage of the new chronicle and SBP (healing 5000 health a tick if I remember correctly).

    I do kind of miss the old version though. Being able to reduce the damage of incoming AoEs by 20%, almost at will, was pretty handy.
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