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Thread: Shadow Stalk vs Ebon Blades.

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    Default Shadow Stalk vs Ebon Blades.

    1: None of the "NB/RS is op nerfnerfnerf" crying in this thread, I've played Nightstalker for over a year now, I really don't care if it's fotm, or rumored to be OP, I enjoy playing it.

    Now, I made my own Nightstalker build for my play style, but haven't yet decided if I want 52/24, or 54/22, Ebon Blades seems quite powerful, and useful, but Shadow Stalk often gets me out of trouble, or gets enemies into trouble. So those that have been playing Nightstalkers how do you feel the skills weight against each other? I'd like some second opinions.
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    Also nerf bards.

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    it really comes down to your play style and if you are more aggressive or defensive, Shadow stalk can be used as both an offensive or defensive skill however the way I look at Shadow Stalk is as followed:
    Passive Procs
    2nd break free
    +Mitigation from being higher in RS tree

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    Any chance we could see your build % macros?

    I'm always for a lookout for new stuff to try, so.

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