Playing at the dummies I was parsing my melee specs vs. my ranged spec(s)

Melee I tried 61Sin/10mm/5nb and 61BD and was parsing with both at about consistently 9.3-9.6k over a 3mil dmg parse.

Ranged I was running 40mm/36 ranger - with strafe since I didn't have a bard (not taking strafe has proven, for me at least, to be a dps increase if I have a bard/living energy)

I was parsing with my ranged spec 10.5k roughly (including pet dmg)

Currently I have roughly 2800 AP (fluctuates with spec, obviously) and 1701 crit rating (18.50% with talents) with 280 crit power.

In my travels around these forums I have seen people say melee is higher dps than ranged, at least on dummies. Clearly i'm either missing something with my specs or this isn't the case.

I understand that sin and bd scale better than MM with crit due to the way lots of their talents work - and therefore with raid buffs should see a reasonably significant increase in DPS. However, I'm not sure whether the increase with be in the excess of the 1k DPS that they are behind my ranged dps.

Any help is greatly appreciated.