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Thread: Stealthy/Survivability/AoE

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    Default Stealthy/Survivability/AoE

    Hi guys i just wanted to know of a good build that has some nice stealthy features, with good survivability and some decent AoE, cause i would like to be a sneaky rogue but also be able to kill multiple mobs if i get overwhelmed, so please help a dude out and recommend me a decent build, thanks!

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    standard tact/rs for passive healing, nb is the only soul tree you are gonna get decent aoe+stealth abilities.

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    I am currently using http://rift.magelo.com/en/soultree#y.../tkkGll0B48/Tu as my main solo world build. It has both permanent stealth and slip away for when you need it. Between the RS heals and mitigation, curative engine and leeching poison survivability is high enough for just about any situation. It also has a lot of flexibility. You can use stalker phase and constant deviation for all out dps, turn off constant deviation if you need to last a bit longer or even pop guardian phase and planar refuge in emergencies.

    In terms of abilities, I have one blink macro, then one builder macro with phantom blow/planar strike (and empyrean bolt at the end just in case I am out of range) and use guarded steel as a finisher as it does the same dps as the assassin finisher and gives the survivability boost. For aoe just pop planar splash and swap to using wrath of planes as your finisher. Because the builder and finisher both hit 10 targets this build can put out some decent numbers in large invasions. If you are stuck at range and need to aoe you can use necrotic torrent. It is not doing great damage in this build but is a lot better than nothing while you wait to get back into melee range.

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