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Thread: Is assasin a good pvp soul for PVP right now?

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    Default Is assasin a good pvp soul for PVP right now?

    Hi, i am new to this game. I always like rogue class and their stealth mechanics. I am now currently a 24lvl assasin and dont know is it me, my gear or just baddie soul but i am not doing quite well on warfronts. I cant burst down ppl fast enough before they or their friends jump on me. Is pvp a lot different on 20-29lvl bracket than in endgame?

    I tried MM build and i did a lot more dmg but the game was boring as hell. I heard NB is good but it more like warrior in leather than rogue.

    Could you give me some advice on how to be good in pvp?

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    Sin is situational. It's pretty good 1v1, but is relatively squishy when you get noticed by other players. If you plan on "sticking with the raid" I would go ranged. If you like the challenge of sneaking in and taking down a key player in the opposition's backline, there really is no better choice than Sin, but this is a very risky undertaking. If you plan on picking off stragglers trying to run back from spawn, it's a good choice but this may not be what helps your team win. It is a horrible spec for "running a stone" of any sort.

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