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Thread: Blazing Path

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    Default Blazing Path

    Okay I have tried to use this ability a couple of times and GOD is it annoying.

    The description is "leaving BEHIND a trail of fire..." So why may I ask does about 70% of the time the fire trail end up being a 15m column in front of me?
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    Hehe I've been using that as well. I guess, that visual effect is supposed to be behind you. At least the damage works correctly (the affected area). Whoever was responsible for implementing that, might want to check his glasses.
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    I've tried this ability a few times and I have no idea where it really hits ^^
    It would actually be nice if it really would hit a column in front of you, that way you can actually hit bosses etc. with it.

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    if a mob is standing in front of you and you use this ability there is a graphic issue with it by it sometimes leaving the graphic on the ground in front of where you land instead of in the path of the mob yer fighting which should be following you however the damage still occurs and will be in the appropriate area....

    For damage purposes this ability isnt the best but for some extra mobility without using riftstalker its pretty nice! Also cool to use to get near adds or something and leave a trail of extra damage but thats situational!

    Anyways aside from the graphic its working as intended!

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