Hello all

I normally play a Warrior since Rift's Launch, and he is currently level 50. However, I am a bit of bored of tank/plate dps classes due to the fact I've played Warrior for more than half of my time in World of Warcraft and Rift.

I love the class, but I want to try something different. My very first character in World of Warcraft was a Hunter that I throughly enjoyed but decided to switch to a warrior after they changed to focus mechanics.

How is Rift's Rogue class at the moment?

I am currently level 10 and liking it so far, but I am really interested in tactician from Storm Legion and level 60 gameplay/style. I heard that tactician is kind of a support role and a lot of AoE Damage, would it be possible to have a single target DPS as tactician for raiding? If so, what would be the soul combo?

Please enlighten me fellow Rogue professionals!