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Thread: Improved Motif of Regeneration being replaced/dispelled?

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    Default Improved Motif of Regeneration being replaced/dispelled?

    Now, as you all probably are aware of, ever since 1.11 Bards have had a talent where Codas have a 20% chance per combo point to refresh the Motifs, making our lives much easier.

    I've been in groups, as a bard with Imp MoR, with other bards who didn't have imp MoR.
    Whenever they've used Codas to refresh their motifs, their (personal) Motif of Regeneration have replaced my improved Motif of Regeneration. It's not only for me, everyone else in the group/raid loses it as well.
    checked this by targeting the other bard, activating my Motif of Regeneration, then waiting for the motifs to renew themselves (not by my doing). When they have been renewed, everyone but that bard loses Motif of Regeneration, and consequently Resonance after 20 seconds.
    Have anyone else noticed this?

    If so, is this intended, or just an oversight?

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    Its typical of coding, a mistake Im sure.

    While the higher abilities should never be overwritten thereis always a slip-up in coding on the Dev's team part.

    Please fix this Dev's - never should those types of problems arise - higher abilities should never be overwritten by lower abilities.

    Patch please.........the nerf's are already a bad things, glitches like these should not confound them.

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