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Thread: Bard Healing - How Much should I be Doing?

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    Default Bard Healing - How Much should I be Doing?

    Hey all, I'm a complete newb to rift.

    I just rolled up a rogue and decided to give bard a shot at level 22 after reading about all the leveling builds in the other forum. One thing I noticed was how much more they are all healing for in their Youtube videos.

    My Coda of Restoration only does a whopping 129 health, which is just a sliver at 1685 hp. It's almost not worth using the combo points on.

    Am I using the wrong stat or something? Bards still use Dex right? I don't really see any new soul abilities that would boost it by much digging through the trees.

    Note: I don't heal in instances, I only tank there. This is strictly for solo leveling.

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    Bard healing (along with all other AoE healing) was significantly nerfed in 2.0. Also the amount of healing is going to vary wildly with level and training. You want Attack Power and Crit which are both provided by Dexterity and to a lesser extent Strength.
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