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Thread: Barb skills scale to ranged weapon?

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    Default Barb skills scale to ranged weapon?

    I am new to the game and everywhere I read claims the barb skills scale to your main hand melee weapon. However, all the skills "required ranged weapon" and unequipping both melee weapons results in the same DPS. There's no way they are scaling to melee weapons.

    Did they change it so they scale to ranged weapon, or am I missing something?

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    Correct. Previously Bard attacks were kind of, um, well weapon-neutral I guess? if you were at range they would use a ranged weapon, in melee range they'd use a melee weapon.

    That was a very silly system, so in 1.11, along with the boatload of other changes to the Bard, Bard attacks were changed to always function as ranged weapon attacks (like Ranger and Marksman etc.).
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    They fixed Bards along with Sabs. Prior to 1.11, in a Sab or Bard spec (one of those specs that could go ranged or melee), the silly problem was clearly you get better damage output with a ranged weapon if possible. But the souls would not calculate based off range if you did not have a MM or Ranger soul present in the 3 soul spec. If you had all melee souls coupled with bard (or sab), bard defaulted to melee 100%. If you mixed a ranged soul in (not sure on bard, but I know with sab), it would always calculate off ranged weapons at range, but if an attacker got in your face it would auto swap to calculating off melee. Obviously bogus.

    But aye, now Sabs and Bards are properly recognized as a range souls. Very nice when you couple the +5m the MM soul gives now, since it actually counts as real ranged weapon souls. This change helped increase their synergy with the other ranged souls all in all.

    That is the back story leading up to the current state if you were curious.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tyrindor View Post
    am I missing something?
    It's spelled Bard.

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    Aww I thought we got a hidden unlockable soul that let us run around as Conan
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