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Thread: Hidden Veil not working as it did in the past?

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    Default Hidden Veil not working as it did in the past?

    I am having serious issues with Hidden Veil not working correctly.

    I have had it be triggered while fighting by DoT spells, meaning the timer count down while not in stealth.

    I have had on and used slip away and then be hit by a spell or arrow and have been knocked out of stealth and then the 15 second timer started, even though I am no longer stealthed.

    It just isn't working right anymore.

    Anyone else seeing issues with this ability since two patches ago?

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    Default Same issues

    I have only been back for a couple days now, and it has been set off while out of stealth on a regular basis. If this is intended then the tooltip should say so. Otherwise fix it please.

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