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Thread: Question about Bladedancers

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    Default Question about Bladedancers

    I've been reading alot of BD guides, and I keep coming across the people saying that Precision Strike costs more then Quick strike, but looking at my tool tips on live they both have the same cost and no cool down,
    the only differences being that PS gives 2 CPs and does slightly less damage then QS.

    Are there any updated guides that take this into account? I cant seem to find any.
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    if you do not have the required hit you do not have enough of any other stat to meet the dps/heal/tank requirements of the content. Hit is a very effective way of ensuring that players meet the minimum requirements for defeating the content they are attempting.

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    You are correct, Precision Strike was changed a bit with 1.11. It's now the same cost as Quick Strike but does a little less damage (though still gives 2CPs instead of QS's 1CP) as you said.

    Mayi's Guide here is the newest one: http://forums.riftgame.com/rift-gene...-bd-guide.html

    Though in truth the Bladedancer was one of the least changed Rogue souls in 1.11 as far as gameplay goes. Most of what you've read in other guides is still valid. The addition of the Hundred Blades AoE, Counterbalance getting a second rank and the change to PS being the most significant changes (the rest mainly being changes and additions to various passive damage buffs).
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