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Thread: Changes in Physical Crit

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    Default Changes in Physical Crit

    Since 1.11 I've noticed My phys crit is lower then before this patch. Is there a new soft cap? should I dump my sigil with 140 phys crit for high dex and ap?
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    I suspect it was to make room for stat growth without exceeding the current in game crit cap in the future at 60. Warriors would have caught up, but rogues would be purely itemizing AP to the max as many rogues already were pushing the cap. I think the 50/50 dex/str change is probably made so that by the time we all have 60 gear, rogues/warriors will probably both be back around the 35 - 45% mark solo buffed.

    I guess they will either raise the cap or figure out something new when level 70 comes

    I wouldn't bother working on any gear at the moment. We are literally about 10 days until SL. I suspect it will be the same as always, if you have the work to put into gearing yourself - keeping crit is nice until you start pushing towards the cap and then you can start handing off AP for crit. Though I have not PvE'd in this game and can't tell you the ultimate scheme/balance for that. I suspect AP starts getting better once you are closing in on the cap, rather than purely hitting it first. Just a guess.

    Cap is/should be same as normal - hard and soft caps.
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    Your number is lower because they changed the stat weights. The percentage is comparatively lower as well to compensate for level 60 changes.

    This was to prepare for level 60 gear, since many people were at the soft crit cap already on their own buffs.
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    Especially in light of the fact they are adding a brand new stat once we hit 60. Crit power. That is going to add a whole new ball of wax and likely change a lot of builds. I could see, as an example, 15 points in Sin becoming a very common thing. You do not want to lose Murderous intent or magnify pain in many builds BUT you may well also want the 5% crit from Ruthlessness because of what Crit power will do.

    There is going to a lot of teeth nashing by the middle of december with people jousting over the best build and A LOT of that I think is going to be heavily gear weighted. I would not be surprised if the best build of a bleeding edge end game raider will be significantly different than one who is not so well geared.
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    It seems the 10 dex runes for weapons are > the old 9 AP runes, as 10 dex gives 7.5 ap and 5 crit. No brainer.

    But what about the 19 crit runes?

    If I tried to equalize it, I'd take the 5 crit out of the equation by just subtracting it from the 19.

    Now we're more easily comparing 14 crit to 7.5 AP.

    If the ratio is 2 crit to 1 ap then it would seem the dex rune is better. If the ratio is different, that may change.

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