I've been busy playing my wonky warrior too much and haven't been staying up to speed with my rogue builds beyond MM and Sab, so I need some help getting my Barding up to snuff for PvP.

At a glance, it looks like a 44 point investment is required for my intent of maximizing healing, but now I'm torn where to put those last 22 points.

I'm currently running MM/RS for sub-souls for the added range and durability(using a quick shot/cadenza macro so I can build CPs at 35m and keep my run buff), and it works well enough, but as usual I want more potency. Any cool tricks anyone is willing to divulge? I don't care if the added benefits are incredible longevity with more RS or greater offense / healing output with another ranged soul - I'm just trying to find a warfront and CQ build to maximize contribution.

Thanks for any suggestions.