Now that I am all geared up for pvp since my return a couple months ago, I soooo wanted to enjoy a Sin for small WFs. But can't /sadface. My latency and fps shows good...consistant 100 latency & 40 fps. But again finding myself lots trying to PK something that is not there. I have to resort to opening up with a stun as a Sin and use NB's sloth (screws with the build) just to keep them from bunny hopping the lag after they break CC. I love the DPS as a poison Sin, but damn cant do much whiffing at ghosts. I assume it's server lag...and a fraction of a second makes a huge difference for melee in pvp.

Maybe throw a 2 second unbreakable stun on all openers to get things going...when I use my stun opener to deal with lag I obviously lose dps. I still dont know why Sins lost their slow after patch for those small lag issues.

Anyways it's lot easier playing range even for smalls...and in turn has me CQ'n 99% of the time due to relying on range souls.