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Thread: How Do You Play Sab In PvP?

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    Default How Do You Play Sab In PvP?

    Since patch, I am once again pulling out the Sab for CQ/Scion. I tried MM...sure it's nice having sustained DPS and spam tabbing targets, but the Sab I find is more fun timing the cd's. Find a tank to anchor your aoes unto and watch a few of his friends or targets die Once cds are burned step back for a bit so a sab doesnt do the same thing to you In the mean time, stretch out a few traps and time bombs until cds are ready and repeat. It's still a mindless rotation, but if my latency was better and less melee ghost misses on bunny hoppers...maybe my Sin would be brought out more for chit and giggles. To meh the Sab is all about duck and reload. I hate being a turtle, but every 1 minute I can handle it and go to the back for some heals or coffee if needed.

    Anyways, how do you play Sab in pvp?

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    Pick the guy in the thickest area of the crowd and jam as many buttons as I can at once.
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    Bait people until a bunch of them group and.... /faceroll to rack up last hits. You know, same old, same old with any ranged spec for pvp.

    I usually like to play MELEELIKEAMAN because nobody else dares to tank the damage.
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