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Thread: Tactician: Firsts impressions?

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    Default Tactician: Firsts impressions?

    Now that the NDA is lifted... What do you think about tactician? You tested it on beta?

    I test it and in dummy or farming very well... but i wanna see in raid the cleaves we just can "eat" or if we can heal with casters in one place and melees in other...

    PD: Sorry for my english :P

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    I see subsoul potential in tactician for barding, tanking and soloing but beyond that I am not really impressed by tactician. The huge issue for me is that the torrents are not frontal cones but frontal beams so they can't realistically be used to aoe more than 2 or 3 mobs at a time and they don't even proc weapon enchants and such.

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    I am with Geryron here: Tactician isn't showing as much potential, especially now after the decreased damage co-efficient. The conal attacks are not enough for single target and falls short of meeting AOE needs. Looks cool... I feel it won't be a primary build DPS spec.

    Tactician as it stands now will be a top support/leveling subsoul. Nothing more. Nothing Less.

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    I see tons of potential for NB:


    1 tick of fire torrent per rotation so you rebuild energy and can get more dusk strikes off, and maybe even the crit energy return skill.

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