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Thread: Bardic Inspiration and Motif "Bug" makes barding super annoying in 1.11.

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    Default Bardic Inspiration and Motif "Bug" makes barding super annoying in 1.11.

    I'm sure many of you know this but this is here for the mods/GMs/designers to see as well as informational for players who do not know.

    New 1.11 Bard ability, Bardic Inspiration, has an issue in a raid setting. The intent for this ability is so bards can refresh their motifs using their coda finishers to free them from the obsessive compulsive need to manually refresh motifs.

    However, Motif of Tenacity is being overwritten by other raid buffs, which means when a coda finisher is used, it is not refreshed, and resonance falls off.

    Hence manual re-application of MoT is needed, and with the duration lowered from 30 to 20 seconds on motifs, this is super annoying, and defeats the intent of the abilities.

    Attached is a video breakdown demonstrating this issue:

    0 sec-
    Video begins with 5 points built and I begin putting up motifs.

    3 sec-
    All 3 motifs ticking, and Resonance goes up. Karuul alert (top middle) and buffs bar confirm resonance is active.

    9 sec-
    Some raid buff overwrites Motif of Tenacity (yellow buff) – It’s just completely gone. I’m told it may be Warrior Call of Stone and Warden Reef Barrier. Not sure what else might do it also.

    10 Sec-
    5 point Coda of Restoration is used, Motif of Regeneration and Bravery refresh.
    Since Motif of Tenacity is overwritten, it doesn’t refresh, and Resonance’s timer keeps ticking downward.

    This is super annoying and it would be really nice to get this fixed so that we can use the bardic inspiration ability the way it was intended to be used, to free us from manual motif refreshing, and make barding enjoyable.

    The best solution is for Motif of Tenacity to either overwrite all other similar buffs, or should be made to stack with all similar raid abilities, so that bards can use Bardic Inspiration the way it was intended to be used.

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    From the patch notes:

    "Bard: Motif of Bravery: No longer blocked by other critical hit buffs - reduced the amount of critical hit it grants as it can now be stacked with other similar buffs. Has priority over other Attack Power or Spell Power long-term buffs."

    Seems odd they would fix this without testing the others. My guess is next hot fix should fix it if they are aware of it.... I hope.

    Or what Gery said down below.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Daglar View Post
    Kervik caught this. Those of us that went through every buff in the game yesterday were pretty out there after looking at that much data for so long. Good thing he caught this!

    A few more updates for the hotfix after the next hotfix.

    Beastmaster and Archon int/wis/str/dex buffs are now unique to archons and beastmasters - they don't stack with each other but they stack with everything else.

    Bard endurance buff now stacks with all other endurance buffs.

    Motif of Tenacity now properly has a higher priority than others of its type in order to avoid conflicts with resonance.

    This is getting fixed it seems.

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    Thanks Gery. Hopefully soon. It was super annoying trying to bard with this going on, lol!

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    Or just work around it and prep your raiders ahead of time to not use known offenders.

    Took us a quick 15 second conversation after warboss to sort it out and it was never an issue. Though I guess it would be easier after they fix it. Still, it would be a waste of GCDs for the other people to use abilities like earthen barrage that effectively does nothing.

    So... you'd probably still want to have this talk with your raiders.
    So long, and thanks for all the fish~

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    Yeah, I noticed this too on Wednesday - glad it's getting addressed asap!

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