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Thread: 1.11 Saboteur guide please?

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    Default 1.11 Saboteur guide please?

    Hi, i am looking for a aoe build but dont find nothing in the forum for a saboteur guide. Someone was tested it in 1.11?

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    you'll find that you might have to adjust your playstyle a bit - but it's largely the same.

    embers and splinters are now bombs and should be treated as such, they do not detonate.

    your traps can now be placed from range, and should be treated more like the placeable bombs (adhesive/chemical/choking gas) Enfeebling trap and entangling trap in particular are two i've had great fun using.

    Instead of juggling three timebombs, you now juggle only two - one of which is cloudmaker

    The biggest changes outside of this is your sub-roles, i suggest playing around with the few remaining points.

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