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Thread: 1.11 Sabo Charges vs Combo Points

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    Default 1.11 Sabo Charges vs Combo Points

    OK, so let's say I load four charges onto a mob, and the jerk warrior next to me lands a killing blow.

    Can I immediately switch to another target, hit detonate, and the four charges go off on the new target? Or do I get four CP worth of detonate damage but still lose the charges?

    Neither one really makes sense within the context of the sabo. It doesn't make sense to detonate charges that were loaded on a different target, and it doesn't make sense to get the detonation damage on a target that doesn't have any charges.

    Looking forward to playing around when I get the chance, but that might not be for a while.


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    The charges should stick to the target, however you can still use your "finisher" Detonate and consume your combo points on any other target.
    So if you load 5 charges onto a target and it is killed, the charges are lost but the combo points are not. You could just throw an Annihilation bomb afterwards and get additional splash dmg for your combo points.

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