So, pretty much the best energy related change is Dusk Strike. It has no cooldown, but it's cost and damage both go up at roughly the same rate. We can switch between it and primal strike to manage our energy to a certain extent. Sadly without LE/Fervor we still can't do a basic builder/finisher only rotation without becoming energy starved. It happens a bit slower than before, but it still happens. Still I think it's a good basis for suggesting changes to the other souls.

Here are some suggestions for adding actual energy management to each of the souls. Note this should really be accompanied by a reduction in the base energy cost of the basic CP builders and/or finishers. If they added up to be energy neutral or slightly energy positive without LE/Fervor it'd be a lot more interesting. My suggestions are for the high energy abilities one would need to manage depending on your current energy situation. The goal is to provide burst damage that rapidly depletes your energy pool when used.

Assassin: Make the CD on SS 1s, keep it OGCD, have it apply two stacks of stacking debuff that increases it's energy cost by 2 (or more?) per stack every time it is used, 10 sec duration. Have ability crits remove one stack each time.

Ranger: High energy attack to sub in for QS spam. Can't think of an interesting secondary mechanic right now. May not need it do to existing DoT/buff(/debuff if piercing is needed) management.

MM: Short burst - 2sec channel 30 initial and 10 more energy per sec cost (50 total), 3 CP total. Gives one 5 sec stack of heat per use, if you reach 5 stacks you gain Overheated debuff: all ability costs are doubled until you reach full energy.

Bladedancer: Hard one due to the very particular nature of the builders. Make Reprisal usable without getting hit (proc off crit, or after quick/precision strike) in some way? Might need some kind of increasing cost like I suggested for SS. Also this is in the best shape energy and DPS wise.

Saboteur: This build is locked into 10sec rotations by HE/Spike/Caltrop DoT length. Allow two charge types to stack to 5 per target. This would allow additional changes to be added without an additional low point finisher (det or bomb). Really though, it needs major energy help before this matters. I could be wrong on this, have not tested it much at all.

It seems like all of our AoE has gotten it's cost increased due to a misapplied warrior fix. They don't want people working AoE abilities into single target rotations. I don't know if any instances where rogues are currently doing this on live, only warriors. Our AoE attacks already do less damage per target than our single target attacks and don't proc anything. Either make them cost the same as the basic single target attacks or have them do the same damage per target as the single target attacks. Having both is just frustrating to play. Are they doing this to make the easier to scale with gear increases later or something? An explanation would be nice if there is some non-obvious (to me) reason for the double hit relative to ST attacks.

Ok, failed some near the end there, but I tried to stay positive.